Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter meeting is held every second Saturday of the month, at 9am, at the Omega Center, 16958 Dixie Highway, Hazel Crest, Illinois.

Current Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter Officers
Bro. James McGee, Basileus
Bro. Rashad Nuruddin, Vice Basileus
Bro. Karl Bryant, Keeper of Records and Seal
Bro. Sean Brown, Keeper of Finance 
Bro. Vernon Cornelison, Chaplain

Immediate Past Basileus
Bro. Freddie B. Arnold

Uplift Foundation President
Bro. Joel Harris

Past Basili
Bro. John Ball
Bro. Terry Chambers
Bro. Bryon Williams
Bro. Joseph Wesley
Bro. Dr. Jerry Jordan
Bro. Richard Brown
Bro. Sean T. Long


On July 22, 2004, John Ball, Terry Chambers and Thomas Vaughn met at the home of brother Thomas Vaughn to discuss plans to organize a chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in the South Suburbs. The rationale for this chapter was the lack of Omega presence in the South Suburbs and several hundred un-financial Omega Men residing in the area. Our first information breakfast meeting was held at the Old Country Buffet in Lansing, IL on August 28, 2004. Approximately 15 enthusiastic brothers attended this meeting. On September 25, 2004 we met again at the Old Country Buffet to complete the necessary paperwork and collect funds to submit a Charter Petition to International Headquarters. Approximately 17 brothers attended the meeting. Bro. Terry Chambers and Bro. John Ball forwarded the paperwork and funds to the International Headquarters on October 20, 2004. On October 30, 2004, we met at the Old Country Buffet to give a status report on our Petition for a Charter. We also discussed other agenda items: Housing, Founders Day and Temporary Committee Assignments. There were 15 brothers present at the meeting. On December 4, 2004, we met at the Old Country Buffet to provide information on our Charter Petition. Fourteen brothers were present at this meeting. On December 7, 2004, The Supreme Council approved our Petition for a chapter in Matteson, Illinois. The name assigned to the chapter was Chi Lambda Lambda. Our first official meeting was held on Saturday, January 15, 2005 at the Palmer Lake Industrial Park, Hazel Crest, Headquarters of Valley Kingdom Ministries International. We passed a proposed budget, elected officers for the year 2004-2005, discussed hosting a formal Charter ceremony, and unanimously voted to recognize Thomas Vaughn as an Honorary *Charter Member. On January 29, 2005 Chi Lambda Lambda hosted a formal Charter Ceremony held at VKMI Headquarters. There were approximately seventy brothers in attendance representing all the local chapters. Among the special guests were past District Representatives, area Chapter Baseli and Officers, District Officers, State Representatives and Committee Chairmen. The 37TH Grand Basileus, George H. Grace gave a very serious but inspiring talk regarding the duties and responsibilities of chapter officers and members prior to formally swearing in the newly elected officers. The Tenth District Representative, Kurmmell W. Knox presented the Charter to the Basileus, John Ball.
In 2011, while preparing for the 100th year celebration, Bro. Sean Long won a national contest to design the cover of the Centennial Oracle. This design received thousands of votes from Omega men all over the country for it’s thoughtful and inspirational look at one hundred years of Omega Psi Phi.

Members vs Men
Five MSP candidates: Richard Brown, Michael Miller, Leroy Coleman, Kenneth Webb Sr., and Jerry Jordan were born into Omega and initiated into Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter in September, 2006. Thoroughly immersed in the True Omega Spirit, these Men are known as the Five Sons of Rolling Thunder.

In August 2009 Five Candidates: Kenneth Webb Jr., Mark Jeffers, James Bohannon, Tarik Smith, and Sean Long were born into Omega, initiated through Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter. These Men are known as the Five Deadly Venoms.

In May 2011, Four Candidates: Derrick Garth, Marcus Taylor, Kwame Mandisodza, and Michael Easter, Sr. was born into Omega, and initiated through Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter. These Men are known as Four Centennial Sons of Quesensus

In April 2013, Ten Candidates: Fred Arnold, Maurice Coffey, Christopher Suggs, Tauro Jenkins, Bill McClinton, James McGee, Lonnie Hollis, Jahmal Williams, Sean Johnson, and Vernon Griffin were born into Omega, initiated via Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter. These men are known as the 10 Quintessential Unconquerable Enthusiastic Souls.

In March 2015, Seven Candidates: Tyrone Wright, Michael Singleton, Lawrence Scott , Carlos Tucker, Jermaine Hughes, Nyerere Cobb, Alonzo Smiley were born into Omega, initiated via Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter. These men are known as the Seven Sons of Anarchy.

In November 2016, Nine Candidates: John Roberson, Anthony Edgar, Eddie Gallon Jr., Willis Pennington, III, Darius Smith, Chauncey Gardner, Tracy Carter, Sean Brown, and Antwione Smith were born into Omega, initiated via Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter.  These men are known as the Nickel Plated 9 Meticulously Made.

In November 2018, Seven Candidates:  Jonathan Tennial, Emmett Buckles, Paxton Collins, Karl Bryant, Michael Davis, Raymond White, and Curtis Keyes were born into Omega, initialed via Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter.  These men are known as the Seven Souls of Endured Mayhem.

In June 2020, Five Candidates:  Charles Robinson, Richard Miller II, Rasul Dickey, Jonathan Hull, and Darryl Hollimon were born into Omega, initialed via Chi Lambda Lambda Chapter.  These men are known as the Five Quetagious Hounds of Quedemption.

The first officers of Chi Lambda Lambda were as follows:

Bro. John Ball, Basileus

Bro. Terry Chambers, Vice Basileus

Bro. Curtis Rowe, Keeper of Records and Seal

Bro. Nathan Legardy, Keeper of Finance

Bro. Bruce Ford,  Keeper of Peace

Bro. Larry Wilson Chapter, Reporter

Bro. Gregory Hardaway, Chaplain

Bro. Rodney Carr, Counselor

Members Joining During 2004-2005:
Bro. Byron Williams
Bro. Fulton L. Parker
Bro. Robert Williams
Bro. Kenny Coles
Bro. Oliver Logan
Bro. Larry Abdullah
Bro. Rudolph Woodson
Bro. Otis Holton
Bro. Kevin Foulks

The First Tenth District Officer from Chi Lambda Lambda was:

Bro. Sean Long, Tenth District Director of Public Relations